Session #9

Diego asks SIna

Lilia asks Muslin Brothers

Ana Paula asks Flavio

Flavio asks Lilia

Muslin Brothers ask Quinsy

SIna asks Ana Paula

Quinsy asks Diego


Voiceover (a telling/reading voice, sense of echo, doubling, etc. multi-layering, constructing an external layer within the work, crashing but not parallel, etc.)

Different presences A sense of echo (sounds-sounds, images-images, sounds- images) A doubling

A conversation Simultaneously but not parallel (moments of friction, encounters through collisions of meanings)

Focussing on the single action A narrative structure to anchor the differentiate and diffract the different layers

more of the same (in a good way)

Time as malleable, the composition of different moments and timings to collide

Mimetic relationships

Doubling and alternative

Bringing References and the source to the performance

Labour of looking at images of the past (documents) -

Surveillance (rotational sit in the center)

Alliance / Exclusion

A teddybear with a slingshot

Decay, the aesthetics of things from the qualities of film the sweat and the shirt losing form the understanding of cultural decay


Institutional gestural silence - Sara Ahmed:

The crisis of value Things are permitted because of the lack of consequences The democratization of information The used as a crutch to destabilize perception

Chosing your struggle What does that mean? Excess as a means of creating impotence The creation of the new norm

Too much lubricant

Utopian democratic idea's