Feed back End- Week presentation

poetic layer of the caribean colonial past dates about death open to personal relations + the reading of the poem the sea easts away - erosion - poetry in the tide of history desconnection from the racional - disconnect the cause and effect

poetry has a way to bring together stand for ration - chance on how much you get of something participation stand - promises something sweet but it has serious information

what is the relation that is created by the salt, personal date, poem, etc...

personalization - unknow participant becomes inscribed - ending up closed to one self - one's own history comes about

administration of arbitrary - hwo do the agendas meet? I can not yet make the questions - confusing hint - at least 4 different layers on the video by the treatement of the material.

save environment symbolically - chance (666) , faith - salt as corrosive and preservative where is the gratification of the game? feels like a party pooper moment to not have a continuation. is it good or bad?

Athmosphere of expectation

archival activities - leveling of the data - archive of practice precision of the mesurement - symetrical structure - architecure - department of memory or history - architecture that promises ocean - flow of memory and history in opposition with the precision of mesurement poem epic - throwed into the ocean of live landscape of amnesia

story telling as a way to change the past - the poem brings the reader to the story of the poet

Not being able to decipher the complexity of the situation - where things come from and why there are there? Can't make a narrative - political in the sens of not giving action to the information that I need to understand

erosion of history - time - how long are the materials stay?

registering of the audience - getting inside a data base of informationhat will you do we us?

How to get more insight about the machine- how the personal information on the post-its is collected? How does it get there? Could there be more text input than the poem? Economic info? historical?

What kind of authority do we need to express content - establishement

Thomas Berlinck https://www.thomasbellinck.com/expo

Claire Denis Beau travail

Mark Bijl