am I more connected or more alone?

a kind of darkness that one can't explore?

a shed snake’s skin?

a self-portrait then? Of attention?

a sense of fragmentation, body fragmentation

a system of signs destroys the possibility of a sky


and what if, by some miracle, you are not allowed to become a person? as if it was so easy and unpunished to mangle the complexity of the matter, life, actions and present it like this

bones that are like stones

can one go wherever s/he images and wants to go?

children borderline adult’s game

conjunction with the entirety of the universe is one’s way to avoid suffering

could speech (or writing) be a proper way of not looking at (some) images?

dissolve time

finding something in the gap


frame ordinary duration

framed them with your body

glitches in the code

how passive can be the gaze? The gaze of whom (or what again)?

haunted image

is the documentation about something in the frame… or something around… or something else?

is there any 'the outside’?

i am afraind of the substantiality of the photos on the wall

i am worried what happens to art when art starts to appropriate life without a critical position on its purpose or transformative capacity

i want more

let us start playing, interpret this in our perspective

something is fuelling the player

the question on abandonees

mutilated and disregarded icon of intimacy and softness devalued into garbage

of melancholy of impossibility


many subtle and intimate things

meditation narrative

meditation on time

meditation on some leftovers

meditation on death, stillness, loss?

meditation on the surface

no ambition for coming to know

place touched by a thought


re-enchantment. Re-enchanted. Re-enchanter

ritual or spiritual spaces

something always unable to see

static – I experience destabilisation

sounds of things out of the frame, but these things belong to that environment


the ability of dissolving into sand, these small rocky, glazed molecules that become uncontrolled, free nomads going though structures, states, materiality of things, entering bodies?

the gaze that pours out of one curious

the image takes you

the impossibility to embody the story

the intentional distance you asked for

the movement of the gaze

the sacred signs

the scene that picked you up

there is a style of everything

the way you filmed (shaking a little bit the camera, trying to get rid of the heads in front of you)

to what degree we need our bodies to communicate?

trance state

uncompromising, but still gentle

under a foreign sky

you can touch them

what do you want to amplify?

what happens when we shut down our eyes?

what is fuelling us, the gamers spectators

where is the edge / the outline of a stone? who are the freaks of nature? what is possible with my gaze, when I see you seeing differently?

who (or what) is recording this scene...? more important to understand the spaces in which they do not coincide. Where am I going, ah yes, wandering. —deep wandering... forgeting that I am wandering at all, just understanding myself as moving, then realising if I am moving I must be moving somewhere, but there seems to be a lack of orientating devices, even those for desire, it could be anywhere , then I remember this is something, it is wandering, and I surface from the breath steamed room, to a space no more defined, but a little less humid.— The gaze, transformation, the observer. A composite of agencies. What is possible with my gaze, when I see you seeing differently? Is empathetic transformation