THE END Notes PAF 29th of November

The bubble score is about having a practice that thinks about the practice simultaniously, rather than thinking back later. But it does produce written documents, so what happens when we look back at those documents. What do you learn from the documents?

Strategies: Kasia: Gathering keywords Lilia: Looking at the questions she had to answer rather than what was posed to her. And then gathering keywords. Keywords then becoming poetic methaphor, for her practice, even though they have not been adressed to her practice. The question asked are very revealing. Shows what she is looking for. Could become a text of concern for practice in general. Magda: The questions I asked revealed clear things reappearing. Social conditions and construction. I am busy with that as a person. Could be something to incorporate more directly. Lucia: so the fact of formulating a question to someone else provide feedback to your own interest? Magda: yes. Strategies of reading. Quick and ? reading. Questions appear about something "not known"/"gap". this could be a theme, not only a problem to deal with practice. Deborah: I made a poem, using found partial phrases from the questions. Little sections. [reads aloud draft]. Small things jump out of the questions, even when they may not be relevant for what the person wants to say. Flavio: Also composed a text using the questions that he had to answer. [reads aloud]

Lilia: if you would make a booklet, then what would you do.

Chloe: great questions, something I forgot somethings I remembered.

Now I wrote footnotes. I would like time if to write something that goes further than archiving. Anapaula: I thought something similar to Chloe, I need to time make a dialogue with the questions. To think about them and connect them with other ideas. I would also like to continue the work I started before the halfway days. What I presented was a way for me to organize the first half of the block. To connect the questions with the typology, opens a lot of questions, I can do something with the questions. Mold them. I am also thinking about my thesis. Because my mentor ask me to document process, So for me this could maybe be a chapter. It makes explicit a methodology, or method, that I am using in the process. So I am thinking how can I unfold this in all this information. Two different spaces. Writing, thinking and the other space that is the practice itself. Diego: For me this exersice also was quite revealing. In fact I put first the questions I made, and then I started finding my own words and interests all the time. So its clearly documentation of the process of how, through the questions I was adressing with someone else I was defining a subject, giving it borders or melting things. The action of trying to discover my own process [through writing questions]. It was harder with questions asked, though not answered by me. I didnt give them so much attention. During the block I was more worried about the question that was hitting me. We talked about the image of the biljard. The ball that hits anohter ball.. This brings something

Lucia: The questions we asked, are the once that are closer to the objects and further from me Then the questions that come to us directly. these are, a good mirror - middle distance -  The game of playing "as if" when we answer someone elses question, its the best distance from myself to the work where something takes shape. Moving from myself, creating this distance, to the object aswell. It is a very good place to shape something.

the documentation of the materials would, even without them being organised, would create a tissue.  
Starting to identify  hsaring of protocols or strategies between presentations at the looming score. Could see traces of each others work spreading, common practices start evolving or new compositions of strategies.

Pierro: What I could really remember was the questions we were about to answer. The question for us and the question we made are more distant or blurry. than those answered.

question to answer was more prominent, important, than the questions recieved or asked. difficult to see the effect of the questions on the proposals without documentation of the materials themselves. The inbetweens of the questions... that was not documeted as the questions were. Desire to have more thorough documentation of responses. Interesting to see how the question really changed what you proposed. How to see accurately HOW YOUR QUESTIONS change others materials.

Lilia: throug the collection of questions i could making a touching piece. the tragectory of the process something is made or possible to think dramaturgically.

Rui: references that are not directly linked to practice or medias. they become more meta questions. posing a question to anothers work also connects and creates proximity with it.

Kasia: dynamic of affective connections that emerged during the whole score among us through witnessing and asking questions. Directing our attention because we had very set roles. The protocl was not so strict to control my affect to other presentations. the affective lines, although covered by protocol were free, it is interesting to follow these now. although the random protocl didn't make me ask a question to someone I am connected to, it still produces a movement.

    Initally I was very excited by the answers, I  was really looking for what did this person do with my score. 
    it came down to a few words, that made a shift of the practice. sometimes this word came from the question we recieved and sometimes it came for the one we had to answer. it was in this space that the looming happened. the surface was created by the dots and not another kind of surface. the surface of teh question was broken down.  
i was surprised to hear that the question carried what interested you. I can see some alignment through the questions we wrote. at some point all of the question became so similar. ( the question or the way to ask a question?) hmm probably the way the question was asked.  
if you see each session you see the slow form of similar questions. ( lilia disagrees: there are very different references, people write poems and content wise there are things i don't know how to deal with, it was the exercise where do i have to go now in order to answer, for example healing.) More about text, the way questions are written, the platform of the question, the way it was wrapped became similar.

In the beginning  it felt like the questions would be a performance in itself.  There were not videos in the questions for eg.

Lilia: I have the feeling i am asking the same question teh whole time. about context, performativity and where that escapes. I have the feeling that i am looking for that thing.

how do we articulate? how do we ask questions? or the question becomes material in itself?

Deborah read poem

session ends.