Becoming Library Index


The Plot of Her Undoing

Author: Saidiya Hartman


Ralph Ellis, Peggy

Business as usual

Author: Kasia

The Courtroom Artist Residency Report

Author: Public Collectors

Carnet de notes club t*

Author: BONUS / Mathilde

The Burnout Society

Flavio, Byung-Chul Han

Proposition for a (non)booklet

Author: Chloe

Towards a Lexicon of Usership / 1:1 Scale

Authors: Stephen Wright

Title: Practicebased Spectatorship

Authors: Adriano Wilfert Jensen,

Title: Notes on the Question of Audience

Author: Bassam El Baroni

Title: An alphabet of political ideas

Authors: Katrine Turner,

Title: fake sheep/cheap fake/chique cloud

Authors: Muslin Bros,

Title: Re-Rorschach Series

Authors: Pierre Rubio, ?

Title: Bibliographic resistance

Authors: Paul B. Preciado, Stefan Govaart,

Title: The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

Authors: Ursula Leguin,

Title: Het journal de contour

Kasia Tórz, Christina Stadlbauer, (multiple editions)

Title: Ma-laria and its problems

Authors: Paul Reiter, Pierre Rubio

Title: Underneath all layers of surface

Authors: Andrea Zavala Folache