The Ghost Scar

The Ghost Scar A method-performance of the archeology of the body OR A reviewing lecture of my different scar stories OR Scar-y Telling 7 Tales Show OR All the options

Program Invitation Prologue – Mirror game

Scar 1 – Coffee and Milk Scar over pubis – Being Invisible

Scar 2 – Sex Tent Scar over chin (or under the beard) – Being Gay

Scar 3 – Mirror Scar over eyebrow – Being Seen(ager)

Scar 4 – Cracking Scar over forehead – Being an Artist

Epilogue – Healing Studio Ritual

Duration 1 life in 1 hour Special thanks to all the accidents, traumas, fights, Apass projects and researchers, shit fascist presidents, homophobia I’ve met in my journey, to every lover (even the ones whose name I can’t remember, my personal bullies, my true friends, my family for all the damage good as well as bad, the dedicated mentors and the hated mentors also, and to everyone I forgot but is related anyhow to this project.

Entertaining quotes to a waiting room “(...) I like to speak about the bond and the strength and the connection, not the horror – of what we do, no what was done to us. But I question myself: -Is this perhaps, just my way of trying to avoid the pain? If you retell the horror without creating the dark anew, you feed it. You do not break the mold. We need to dream the dark as process, and dream the dark as change, to create the dark in a new image. Because the dark creates us. When we tell of the turning dark, the shadow listens to that also. And what we name feeds into the open imaginations that are listening. The dark: all that we are afraid of, all that we don’t want to see – fear, anger, grief, death, the unknown, sex…” (Dreaming the dark - Starhawk)

“(…) – Am I being only narcissistic or even selfish? I understood your point, dear Sina.” (Flavio)

Instructions for the audience First, I invite you to be there round 18h45 and, please, wait for me outside the 3rd floor room. Then, I suggest you to position yourself looking for comfort and proximity during the show. At the end I would like to invite you to give me a feedback. It can be by email, whatsApp or coffee session somewhere. And, of course, you are free to to do it or not. Be welcome and enjoy the experience.