care week notes

DAY 1 Brunch: Tortillas wraps with fillings prepared with Asli Welcome & Opening

Check-In-Circle If we have the possibility to geather, what do we care for? What do we have to offer as a group? What practices can be applied? What is the 'right' thing to do? How can we continue?

Why are we in a.pass? What do we need from a.pass?

how can we be kind to each other? how to let go?

WHAT ARE WE HERE FOR? - to have the opportunity to be in a space where we can work. need of dialogue. To work on own stuff, but also have a group of people with whom to exchange. support as individual maker but also in terms of the challange in that. super hungry for doing together and thinking together. also how can I take something with me which can stay after. - came with the idea of meeting people, netwerk, working together with others, i chose to be here. work in a collective. come in a turning point in practice with the desire to change. big question: how do art and how to live from it? become practical. - be with other people, to hear voices, hunger for other perspectives. treat it as a space to experiment, practices of holding space, without having to organise everything (where, how, etc), space is valuable. to actually host this CARE week - i knew for a very long time that I wanted to be here, because it is a.pass. i saw myself/ i need to be in this space, this particular building, wanting to do the score work with lilia. get a second time in my life of being in a bigger city and belonging toa. bigger group of artists. being apr tof an artistic community. be around exciting people. to be in a palce which is that experimental, a.pass in a space of cutting-edge artistic research. gift to my artistic practice, i am here to treat my practice, craving input. - intuition that this would be an institution which question the institution itself, looking for context. trust. it really happens that the collective discusses here. i was looking for transformation - learn. about art making and collective being. i am here to hear and to learn to what is heared when i talk. - i am here to do artistic research, to question my artistic practice, to learn how to invite other people into the practice, looking for a sustainability, at the end of the day a.pass is my salvation, its the future into a larger community, first step to my rest of my life in this continent (europe), way out of the state, and it still is. - learn about collective processes, interested in establishing space which is radically horizontal, but also question if such a space can exist, and what would be my role in such space. i am at the moment also here to listen, concentrate, to be less judgemental - to grow personally and pforessionaly, to speak up for the things and persons i care, I came to learn how to name and crystalize my practices, also to experiemtn and explore in togetehrnes, i am still here because of the same reasons. also i question how to not be here, to become part of an amorphous transformative monster - i am here because i beleive in art, and autonomy, and co-responsibility, in change and trasnformation, and the possibility to get out of stuck environments, growth that can be activated, artist-run organisations, way of coming together and understand what the practice is, no isolation but together, i believe there is no other way, we need to teach each other, i believe in criticality, and education, how to through learning, how through being sharp, and through harsh questions and listening. how to care for this environment? it was my way to get political - artist need community which care and which are rich and productive, space from which we can enter, practice how to share it, is about knowledge transmission, how does the knowledge materialize, multiplicity of serious relationships, non hirarchical space.

MARTINA PRACTICE PROPOSAL: ritual to screm out something (one word) what we wish from this space, first silence then it continuously becomes louder until we realy scream, cirlce with backs to each other.

DAY 2 Menu: Lentil Soup