End Week Toolbox

Welcome! Let use this pad to propose and collect ways of sharing and meeting for the upcoming Endweek III / 20 Start or add to a proposal

Bubble Groups

As I understood it, this would be a "dedicated" small group of researchers, meeting around the proposals of its memebers for the duration of the End Week. could work with Angels to report to the larger group. How would the groups come together? by chance? by topic? by "discipline"? by some thematic affinity?

Angels / Public Agents

during a meeting, one person takes the role of the Angel / Public Agent. They are responsible for the documentation of a meeting / process / event and its communincation to the larger group


Peripathetic Lectures: Alina Popa and Adriana Gheorge developed a score that they call "peripathetic lectures". It goes like this [not their words but my memory of the score]

It takes two people to do a peripathetic lecture.

One person walks and listens The other person follows and gives a semi-improvised (what does improvisation mean after all) lecture on a topic (big or small).

There is a set time: 10 or 20 minutes are recommended. Afterwards the two swap roles.

And then a variation in case useful for distance: Peripathetic walk over the phone.

One person walks and listens (on the phone), whenever turning a corner the person say 'right', 'left' or 'uturn'
The other person follows the instructions on their own walk and gives a lecture meanwhile.

Zoom presentations

Satelite Groups

this is a small online or live meeting, a bubble group. main difference is that everyone is assigned a specific role it the process of the researcher whom the group is focusing on for the duration of the proposed process. Roles can be anything from observer, to colaborator, to director, scenographer, critic etc. they can be proposed by the researcher, or picked according to individual preference and mood.

School of Love

a group of researchers meets around a "research object": an actual object, a topic, an event, anything with some sort of material/imaterial/temporal boundary. taking turns the group explores and exhausts all possbile assosiations, thoughts, histories, fictions, fantasies, knowledges etc that can be connected to some aspects of this object. pic something that triggers a thought, it can be just the shape, just the color, or a complex genealogy. the school of love is over when it has exhausted its possibilities and connetions.

Telepathic Scores

Short documentation writing Practice

After an event there is a simple discussion / writing score: 10 min open discussion, with an emphasis on identifying topics that branch out of the event: what problems, ideas, contexts did it make you think of? try to not discuss the topics (this should happen in writing) but to push them further, or branch further out. at some point something urgent will emerge for you to write. 10 min automatic writing: write whatever comes to your mind. It is importtand to start right away, and not think too much. even if you start with "um.. I dont know..". max 15 min collective reading of what was written 10 min editing / rewriting / amending of one`s own text. collect and share the results.

one to one chat room


sauna. sauna as mentor.

Steven has set up a suana in a secret place in the centre of brussels I can offer you a session. you alone or with your friend and you can burn some wood used in the settlement. (is already there)

Maybe leave a trace for otheres on the location.

Magda: For me zoom of not the biggest problem; more difficult is working at home and working alone; Therefore for the time left and the end week itself I’d appreciate common practicing and engaging in practice of others as oppose to watching presentations via zoom. Practice I consider anything that invites me to join the problematic at the current state of investigation (can be engaging with a task, but also exchanging emails, what’s up messages, talking, watching something together or simultaneously). From my side I guess I’d propose for the end week a kind of collective zoom gathering with a simultaneous practice at home; I can imagine this could be just for a bubble or more/all. If we work with groups it would be great to have short online meeting of all daily where we could gossip on subject circulating or play with online mind mapping together (or write a cadavre together), or silent writing etc etc maybe each day different.

Kasia I agree with Magda. Engagement is a key. It also seems fair to be online as this is accessible for everyone, we are in different cities. I would like to propose 30 mins long individual nocturnal sessions - a chat, that would channel my research at current stage. The medium could be skype or zoom. No spoken communication - just text, sound and image. The timeslots: 20:00-20:30, 20:45-21:15, 21:15-21:45 (every day).

I would also keep & develop our faith to meet at apass as soon as it is possible, also 'outside' the block (= in December). I feel I didn't really engaged with the new participants, and it is very unfortuate.

RUI: I would like to propose a meeting with Andrea and Lilia, who worked in my video, and a fourth person (who wants?) as a mediator, an external point of view. I'd like to talk to them mainly about: 1. The process of filming (the instructions, the relations, the camera, the agencies etc) 2. The edited video: what do we see? (not anymore about the experience of the shooting but about what we see on the screen, watching and pausing the video – I can prepare a score to guide this conversation) (I'd like to invite Cate if possible)

(availabre to other proposals) @ RUI - I would like to be an external point of view. Kasia x

Nathaniel: In the idea of folks joining the research at its current state of investigation I would like to propose the following: folks, in groups of 2, 3, or 4 come over to my place and here I will do small showings of what I have been busy with, choreographing around touch-ghosts-capitalism.

In addition, for those who can not make it or who do not feel comfortable to come see, I will write up the choreography in text for you. In which I will include a sequenced description of the actions that occur, my imaginary inside of it, as well as some commentary of larger thematic meanings or collisions.

In a group session, I think it could be curious to have folks talk together about what they experienced. I’m interested particularly in the schism between the implicit and explicit , movement and texts, seeing an embodied imaginary without knowing exactly what’s going on and the reading of the movement, imaginary, and themes that then produce imaginations of what the dance would look like.

I’m unsure of how heavily to direct the conversation between folks. Perhaps I will come with a few questions to start with or fall to if the conversation loses momentum.

I think it could be interesting to borrow the gossiping format of hwd... Think, the show just ended, you feel the need to leave the venue, maybe even just out of the earshot of the makers so that you could very juicily say exactly how you felt , what you thought or missed or enjoyed etc.

There is some irony here as this research is in no way product or stage ready, there are many thoughts I'm still working to clarify, materialize, investigate and spend time with that I won't have the opportunity to “finish” before next week. To be honest, I wouldn’t even say it's a work in progress yet, not even the “in” in in progress, or even the n in the in in in progress.

And-it’s where my research is located currently and it only seems right to share from here, not making something specifically for this week outside of what I'm already busy with.

In terms of scheduling for folks to come over, I would like to wait a bit and see what the schedule emerges as before I propose anything concrete.

Tulio: Hey all, I'm following the thread of more personal comments here to share with you what I've been thinking (even though it is not much). Sorry if I've been a bit absent recently. The online meetings are a bit of challenge for us all, and for now I cannot really imagine an experimental format that could really open up new procedures/experiences/forms of dialogue within my process –and I'm sure it is just a lack of imagination. I've been thinking about a kind of simple format, using something that might work well online as a video or audio recording. So my idea is to propose a time slot in which we can take time to watch/listen to someting together, and then have a conversation. Would be nice to have a group of few people in order to produce some conversations and crossings of thought (4 people, maybe? 5? can be also more, of course). And if somebody cannot join but feels like engaging with it otherwise, I thought about written feedbacks, kind of classic but always charming. I'll try to be more specific soon by email, and propose a time slot in the new pad opened by Vladmir. Xx