Kitchen instructions

Document name and folder

To change the name of a pad you can use the rename button (nail polish picto) in manage view.

To move a pad into a folder, use the same renaming path and add the name of the folder in front of the pad name followed by with 2 colons (punctuation)


To move one or many pads from one directory to another you have for now to rename each of them individually.

Document header

To work properly, it is necessary to fill in a certain amount of information related to the edited text. The beginning of the pad is thus composed of a series of keys and values.

Title: Looming Score
Date: 2019-09-16
Authors: Lilia
Types: draft
Decide here for a proper title. This is the one that will appear in various listings
An ISO formatted date string, like 2019-03-22
Write the name(s) of the main writer(s) of the pad or name of the author of the text if it is an existing text.
Pick here one or more words of the type list: report, scribble, note, sticky note, draft, memo, meeting notes, report, transcript, letter, message, document, book, collection, library, archive, drawing, list, poem, diary,manifesto, tutorial, theory, manifesto, litterature, fable, fiction, nonfiction, manual, score.


Markdown is a set of writing conventions that allows you to easily structure your writings, a kind of HTML shortcut.

New paragraph

Jump one line

to start a new paragraph


# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3


*italic* **bold**

Online :


Internal :


Pictures, sounds and videos

Import it with the media import button.

Online pictures (titles are optional):

![alt text](/path/img.jpg "Titre")

Online sounds and videos

Paste your PeerTube, YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud share embed link.


Sister Corita Kent rule #1:

> Find a place you trust, and then try trusting it for awhile.

Blockquotes can be nested (a blockquote in a blocquote) like this:

> This is the first lever of quoting.
> > This is nested blockquote.


  Appuyez sur la touche `<Ctrl>`

Horizontal rules

  Minimum three asterisks  :

      * * *


Ordered, without paragraphs:

1.  garlic;
2.  oregano

Without order, with paragraphs :

* funk;
* grindcore.

List markers must be followed by one or more spaces or a tab.


To learn more about markdown syntax please visit the markdown cheatsheet of Adam Pritchard