This will appear everywhere

Here a consize colleciton of bugs.$antoher_padmd

Down here a messy but maybe slightly insightfull fooling around. forgive my sloppyness

Password service does not work do by deafult hte first sentence is a headeR? ok . appartnyl not as now writing observations is the header font.

Writing observations as I go:

can date be automaitc?

So I click create (doing the NOOB things here)

and by default the authors are sina and lilia. by default title its called hello

wasnt there a tag system to start a pad? TYPE like the 2 categories?

second observaiton - I make a document public (x in folder staff/steven)_ doesnt show up in public need to be in root? ???

renamed it succesfully to place it in the ROOT. still no sign of the pad X in public...

timeslider is pretty cool


filters in write mode, confusing, why seperate close button, not possible another click on the menu to close? just a minor thing...

audioooo great

strange how read - write buttons, can dissapear - two sliders on the right, on in text one in interface. cant interface be auto fit? feels im on the bottom of my screen most of the time. as I go to read, this text is in another format. I dont know why.

ahh and when i draw a line it looks different again ok...

SSSSo what else. funny no lien and line above has different text format as i look. lets look again. no line, while it should be there, and text above in different font. but maybe now when I look again... still there, lets draw antoher line



do something

so when I finish a sentence with...

then draw a line.


strange days why do normal ENTERS. dont make space n the read part? and do in the write part?

Ah ok. so a line is only drawn when there is an ENTER in between the last word:

now I know it needs a new paragraph. duuuuh

lets do italic let's do bold Hello BOld?

nice head1 #YEAH nice head2 ##YIHAAA nice head3 ###AAARRRGGGHHH




cant the heads be applied everywhere in text. oh yeah ok, that probably doenst go isnt head3 just uh normal? can it be a wacky one ?

bold again Im not bold I guess

is this then a quote for some stuff to give it some attnetionnnn

nested quotey boaty yiddda yiddy

OK so not intutitve enoguh this i cna no fool aorund with it but dont fully graps HELP and outcome.