FLUIDS: - I live souranded by fluids, I have a freezer full of female fluids, I am so obsessed with fluids that I have a farm, to harvest these fluids and also to archive them, ... I write on fluids, I put them on my skin, I teach how to produce fluids through masturbation, detonators for intractrive entanglements, ... This is one of the beauty product, from g-spot ejaculation, regenerates skin surfases and hydrates the skin, ... this project is family own industry that I am creating, ... there is a whole idea of sustainable econom around it. Who is a family? - the family owned model of running a farm, the family changes according to each farming experience, I do work with crisis as a matarial, to destabilize bodies, and to transfor trama with orgasm into power, ... are those expensive?

  • a quote from Sara Ahmed's , disorientation as a way to reorient yourslef, the stuff that are around us are orienting our perseption and way of working "the awarnes of our contigency and the horrors with which ..." physical reorientation in disgust, you acquire a taste that you like... it's colonial, it is matter of specialized other,... hygiene from the 19th century... the knowledge about bacterias and virusis is not so old, ... there is something going on with faschizm and hygiene, there is a book talking about Immunity, brining the ideology that we want to be protected from the other, biologicaly and legaly it is negation of life,... italia cultura and coltura (one is agriculture and other is education)... the moment you realize that this is the other organism I wonder if this provokes the disgust, ... my parents are disgust by spagetti in the soup (experiential ignorance)... habits reorienting your view... I can not think about colonialism in the same way as cheese production in Portugal, to many things are mixed, it is becoming banal and it is not banal! this is very important, the discussion how we use terms in a.pass

  • i am obsessed with pigs, we can live like pigs, we eat everything from pig, and the way they are treated is disgusting, it is a mirror and metaphore and in itself it talks about how we exploit the world and each others. When was the last time you have seen a pig?

SIREN - 7 sisters story, cosmolgy story startclaster Pliedis, overview effect, how can I be on the Earth, reminding myslef of the overall picture, right now the Venus is in Torus, ... the feminine that emancipated themslef... what does it do to my body that I know that they are there, how do I mentain this overview effect, ... object that I bring with it is tarrot card, the Venus that is visiting the Taurus ...

  • kimono with birds, accompanied with the image, sirens as female, fluid, water... I find birds as strange animals but then I started to reaserch birds... oracle, the see and the mermade are not so disconnected, I want sexy but I want knowledge!

  • walt disney mermaid, the witch is a bitmore islamic and the mermaid is a bit more dressed, I encounted it in the translation. the story of the fish becoming the human, love consequences for the ocean, the disire of going to the human world, ... Ursula who is killed in the end,... her laughing, enjoying the idea of corrupting the fish,... I was born in the same city as Hans Christian Andersen, he hated that city, but in his story Ursula cuts her tounge and she dies but she becomes boobles in the ocean and joins the air creatures,...



  • a child born outside of marriage, walnuts: one is real and one is not, things are not what they look like, it has to do with class issues, belongin and positioning yourslef, pretending who you are, trickery, playing, reproduction, variation, bastardization in this process, the original, ... how can you engage in your own way, ... repetition is taking the layers off, to dive into more trustruble things, ... my way to learn is to do the copies, but they complexify more, than the disire for the original or how the things are,... finding yourself again in this movement, a child that doesn't inherit the problems or the wealth of thier parents
  • mements of transition of nothingness, of processing, ... DISPERSION as a base of all the other practicess, initiating seriels of processes (as the mode of entering) how do you do that? translate excersise from the written word to the actions in the space... bordom as ... bordom as ... short imaginary practice what it is for you? chaos way, trying to find my order in the chaos to understand something, and to speak criticaly, you need to have a copy of it in your hand, can I replicate the logic of the term in my head, ... a book artists from '90, overidentification with system and then putting it into a crises that it was porvoking real consequeces in the system, like Schligensief (the container - it engaged a lot of people in the discussion) - if you would look my work with a lense of today, I am doing a lot of things wrong. - what you needed then, you don't need today, but I wouldn't go so fast... the problem is not Jerome Bel, but the 40 years of Jerome Bel,... Stocholm sydrom,
  • i am very much a doughter of the western mytology, and having this weird object it is a remainder that I can have a different relationship with this material... Black Skin, White Mask (F. Fanon) and Homi Bhabha (the colonised mimicker.

BUREAUCRACY - two lists (by Antye and Garry), Erica typewritter - cleanest letter,... Contract for the dead people, as advisory board, waiting list for the people who are not dead yet ... it is not comopletly performative action. we expeled two people, Walter Gropius, for example... pseudo spirituality and spirituality

  • the list of the performances, immitating the movement, history of performing arts

NATIVE - the video... reclaim the right, defending the natural resources, ... violency, arming one self, getting to the point of understandning the desperation that you want to be violent, (experience in Chile now) , feeling so priviledged to be here - the reality of the world is fucked, making use of the tecnological advances, what is the sense of urgency - I was feeling like in non-sense life

  • I am interested in where I come from, working on the family tree, what is it that drows me there and what are the things I know by growing up there and how is this souranding informing me

  • inherenting the psychiatric facility, my family, they were very extravagant on the island, is the position where I ended up the position of power: Are we contructing the system or we are outside of it? story of gevernability, family from where I got direct access to power

COSMIC Buy Grayson Perry (the spirit), Owen Goddess, to take care of spirits in the firing room, - juqueen supercomputer, coil microphones

  • light, doing dance and receiving it though the image are super different, light responding to the sound or writing it in a program