I imagine Walking

I imagine walking

I imagine like a shared publication whatever it means, where there is more self-organization and where there’s more… material that is really felt by each of us, and I really think we need to get rid of the structure above us.

I see the clouds in the sky and all of the sudden the clouds are gone and so the structure above us is not there anymore! So there we see the light, and there we really start talking to each other like we are individual self-responsible human beings! Whatever outcome we get, that’s gonna be us!

I saw a preacher saying all this, it was quite an annunciative moment. I was imagining as a metaphor for our process that we’re all kind of in a different place in the woods, and we’re digging, in the ground, kind of moving away all the leaves and getting into the soil and like, digging our spades going deeper and deeper and everyone is kind of digging its own pit.

And I saw myself walking, digging deeper in the conversation, but not yet arriving to where the water flows and where I really feel connected to a bit of Davide, on the other side. So I’m figuring out to what extent we can go deeper, and what is there to be found together.

I imagine a hidden agenda, the agenda is hidden under the leaves here. I see … strings… but they’re not coming together, or maybe streams but it’s unclear where the source is or something. It’s not so much about where it’s going but I see a discomfort.

I see something loose, something unsettling. Maybe the ground is not settled, or the foundation is off, the sand is too loose.

I imagine a publication which is very the opposite of a straight line, but more something that meanders everywhere. It’s like more like a gas cloud than an actual object. It’s very easily dispersed and very quickly made. Like a newspaper, or something that can be distributed easily, or maybe a pamflet, something that is very light material. It holds a lot of ideas without necessarily having to formulate an answer about those ideas. I imagine a file that people can write on together, and that as a publication. Like a list of methods that’s circulating amongst different people that work in the same field, that have the same interests, and that they can adjust or change as they see fit. As a kind of tool. Or I see a pamflet with something, some ideas on it that makes you very aware about how sound enters your brain, which is a very uncomfortable feeling, and it’s also on stickers, you know the ones on lampposts so every time you stop in front of the traffic light you see and you realize again shit, sound is inside of me.

I this sticker, like 2000 stickers, with this sentence: SIGHT MAKES YOU BLIND

I’m seeing these trees around us and I see them as listeners to this conversation. I can see them listen to us, but they’re staying in their position, not saying anything. They’re trying to take up our words, and let them be there. And then I can see a leaf popping out in springtime.

But you can also see SHIT!


I can see a publication that attaches to a branch like these pieces of moss that are growing on this branch. They all have the same conditions to grow from which is the piece of wood that’s probably been dead for a couple of years already. But they all have a different colour and a different way of flourishing, but they are still united in this something that was living before but is not living anymore.

I see something beautiful

I imagine a big desk and behind the desk is a professor, very serious looking, older, white, guy with a little sign that says Phenomenologist. He’s putting a big stamp of approval on a publication.

I’m imagining Davide as a spider in a web, who is connected to different trees, you know how spiders can sometimes go very far between on tree and another. He’s constantly checking, he’s now walking to a tree to check if it’s still attached properly, and then goes to another spot to check if it’s attached, and then goes back to the middle to catch the fly, where the action is happening in between. In this special, unique weaving of things in the middle between those points of contact.

I can see a room where we try out stuff for limited amounts of time - because otherwise it would be too boring. We try out the listening pieces, and we try to start from the experience we share. We start from there, and we start to bring whatever experience we had into the discourse, it can be your own discourse or it can be my own discourse, without the need to reach a common, final statement, but using the pieces more as a trigger for talking about something. So I can also see…. myself first sharing this introduction text with you!