Speed dating notes on artistic research

Is research ordered Chaos?

Distinction between artistic research and scientific research? artistic research can find answers first and questions later

Something about withdrawal from the art market, commodification of production.

Artistic rsearch allows to place ontological questions within a public context.

Artistic research is an institutional framing, or the beginning of a disciplinary framing that allows a form of labour to become visible. Lots of unresolved questions though: who owns research? who makes profit from research?

After the conversations I am left with some notes and a sensation. A convey sensations joined together makes a conversation. So artistic research emphasis on the process on extending the product result to it, perhaps, it self (…) I noted in order of appearance: inquiring, repeat, becomes artistic research; communal, criteria, tools for value, shared here; at its principle at work, creating conditions, emphasis on what; Process (underlined); agency, the power of deciding/ yourself according to your terms.

research having ends. being a cycle with new beginnings. re-search, re-searching. who's interacting with the object of research? can a research be an alibi? how the research as a body interact with the artist, an audience, an institution or a timeline.. is art exclusive to the one's participating ? reseach can have a direction but is the trajectory predictable ?

What is artistic research material? What is considered material? What is left behind on the way and how is that different to scientific research? Is leaving behind ideas, impulses, materials a mourning process? Is what is left behind it still resonating with what the research translates into?

Is my research telling about my research? Is my work telling about my work?

As a sub you consensually give away control to an other which is an a way the ultimate power. What is my agency in my work? Is not choosing a form of choice?

Images or metaphors for research...Research as a form of world-building. Possibilities of micro and macro persepctives. Practice or project as a form of plotting or narrativizing within that world.

Artistic research is __ egocentric 4 domains: the personal, the theoretical, the relational, the praxical inconsumable highly subjective a refuge For? Agential? Following the sticky stuff. Autonomous. Submitting to something. The fear of choosing. Sustainable without funding. Not artistic production. Oral tradition. Passed through the body. transmission.

...an alibi

...a passport

....a world

it is also an un-wording - un-making - un-learning as it de-construts / re-searches exisiting structures & their conditions. Complexifies, unfold and re-imagines. It produces and centers different forms of knowing. It takes apart to re-assemble. Re-search, meaning to search again and repeatedly until it becomes a practice. The search is the practice. It is and remains unfinished even if something is found on the way. It is also searchhing for relations around itself.

Relation to spectatorship? It is a social & dialogical practice. It brings people/communities together to share, create expertise/meaning/questions. It is methods of putting a problem in the middle, of making a problem matter for oneself and others.

If there weren't for economy the difference between artistic and scientific research would collapse. Artistic research as a brand of work? Artistic research as inherit to artists doing.

Can artistic research be a tool for agency withrdrowal?

Is methodology inherent to research and thus artistic research? Arbitrariness being present in both worlds of science and of art.

Research is an optimism directed towards chance. Researchers are dependent on chance to spring forward.

(un)Timeliness of research.

Can AR be something else than the texture or invisible labour around the work/projects?

how much time does one spend on research?is it an ongoing practice of questioning or is it project/practice-specific?

how to avoid 'branding' your research?

should one take care of creating differences with other streams of research? and should practitioners observe how their own subjectivities shape their practices and position themselves towards that?

how to be sure you are activating your agency in your research and not purely executing what the context needs (or what you think it needs even if you are not interested in it) or following previous habits you absorbed or created unconsciously for yourself and your colleagues/collaborators/friends? when one welcomes a lot of chance in their research they should be sure and confident that is really part of what they want their research to be..

what happens if you find something? seems like the worst case scenario for artistic research... maybe it is called re-search, because you search again and again... I dont really think of research as research but as a critical composition of practices, where the constituting practices are critical (questioning) to each other. it is a gathering and a conversation and as such pauses and hesitates rather than stops.

The process informs the research method, there are no pre-conceived research methodologies Research relies on “accidents”, unpredictable interferences Research is not separate from practice Artistic research as a means of financial support, with more room for being “unproductive” and more freedom to engage with things, giving them the attention they deserve

What resonates the most after a manifold of speed-conversations is the creation of spheres — which again enable certain ways of spending time, relating to what is around us and a way of producing thought.

What also resonates is the aspect of realisation of ‘what’. The production of ‘what’. This brings us to the medium specificity of where we are.

An image could be ‘hands in action’ / mani-pu-lation. What, if not our hands, do we use to ‘alter’ what is in and / or around us.

Also a question sticks: “why not be in a sphere of research forever? Why at all come to a moment of artifact-presentation?”

It seems a bodily necessity — like breathing. No one can breath out, in, circular, gradual forever... one would die...

So indeed, production as a means to continue the practice...

...maybe also to understand a practice anew, travelling through other spheres, get into convergent fields...

It’s the means we use that tell us who we are...

Is the use of ‘fantasy’ as a means in as well the scientific research sphere as in the artistic sphere already a convergence?

Or is the taxonomy into different kinds of research just a young phenomenon?

However, the stuff we produce — for someone that likes to invest in further understanding (not only philosophers like it) — acts like a physical mirror: our doing now is challenging us to think again...

agency subjectivity commodification ending