a.pass crisis support


List of NGO'S in Brussels Page 10-16



collect refugees at trainstations

offer home via communes (webpage?) https://www.orbitvzw.be/


a.pass as a space to gather, not just for artists but for all kind of human activities/meetings (e.g children)

food/money/medials/donations which drive to polish border

Palace 11 will serve as a collection point at least till the end of March. It’s open from 8AM till 8PM seven days a week. The organiser asks people to sort goods before they are handed in. Clothes, food and hygiene products should be packed separately.

a.pass donation box

for food and products, Steven will bring it to Heysel.

We are not equiped to just open by ourselves but we could get in touch with organisations and see what is needed.

Which organisations that can be contacted?

What is the criteria when we decide as an institution to open up the space to a support?

  • Become a volunteer
  • Interveen in social movement that is already created
  • SZenne and the invitation to the Ukranian artists to discuss their situation - It's open to whom? How is it framed?

a.pass can support anything if it comes from a concrete proposition and position

What makes this urgent situation one that a.pass engages with?

The initiatives are taken and carried by the people that are present in the a.pass - it is not helpfull to think that things didn't happen before

Maybe to open up the space to discussing the situation we are living now - Call of the alumni to speak about it?

Two questions: - can a.pass do something? - can a.pass support a group / idea that comes to a.pass?

The board proposed to ask organisations if they need support and what kind of support they would need and see if it can be:

HOBO - bruxelles - https://www.hobo.brussels/site/fr/ https://www.pigmentvzw.be/en/about-pigment/

mail:info@pigmentvzw.be Tel: 02/217.68.32 Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Pigmentvzw

Pigment supports people who find themselves in a precarious residence and/or housing situation. It concerns a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, migration stories, residence statuses, ambitions and future perspectives. What they do have in common is that they all have to deal with some form of poverty, injustice and social exclusion. And Pigment wants to fight this together with them! Through dialogue and encounter, through education and awareness, through action and resistance. In different ways and with different means. But always together. By organising an accessible reception and a number of basic activities (e.g. soccer, jogging, computer lessons, cooking, etc.), Pigment wants to offer people relaxation, warmth, peace and space. Space to unite and then actively work on a number of policy themes (e.g. winter care, mobility, mental health care, vacancy,…). Space for solidarity and togetherness. Space to speak out and to fight together for a dignified existence for every human being. Anyone can come and join us during our reception: On Monday and Thursday from 9am-12pm at Aachenkaai 2, 1000 Brussels. At our reception anyone can come and have a coffee, ask for information or ask personal advice.

Do we want to do something now because that is so many poeple arriving? Or do we want to implemment a structural change by engaging once a week to Hobo or Pigment

Self organise and give support to a organisation - PORTE DE HALL - Jules Bordet - registration place of Ukranian refugees