buggy buggy

password recovery - doesnt work

There is is link: https://kitchen.apass.be/accounts/password_reset/

OSP: I'll look into it

private - public - doesnt work - doenst appear when put to public?

OSP: We need to clarify what is the use of this Public/Private button: at the moment it only makes the pad writable by anybody wether or not this person as an account on the website. to make the public pads that are in the folders visible when the visitor is not logged-in

how to make it appear, sorry is there another step to add it to the fron page?

OSP: The code on the index page is a bit buggy. I'll fix it

two sliders in write mode = annoying - read write dissapears

OSP: We need to adjust the CSS so the pad fits in the page

read mode, no help needed about coding text

OSP: ok, indeed

OSP: yes

Default metadata

  • date : starting a pad, should be automatic
  • author : should be by defualt the user logged in
  • title: automatic the same as file name?
  • metadata exists, but empty

OSP: This is work in progress. There will be a more complete creation form.

Got it

confused about type, tags,

OSP: Types will be selectable with a selection menu in the Pad creation form. Tags are inserted by typing %%tag::highlited word%% syntax (looking for a way to simplify it)

sorry I forgot our last decision aobut this, glad to take your advice.

public folder possible?

to organise things.

OSP : Public folders are already possible. You can see them in the manage view. On the homepage we together decided to have a list of all public pads filtered by * date * author * title * type So we don't think folder are needed in this view.

About the homepage we now have animated gifs.

rename me

Heard about print issues. ?

OSP : We are working on a specific stylesheet. We'll continue this afternoon. So you'll be able to have a 2 columns layout on A4 to print with Ctrl P keys.

Hover behaviour of manage pad button

Hover behaviour

Style all form pages

eg. rename input. As long as possible. Monospace font

Filters and sort

Still to be implemented


chat room name must start with a # sign. Eg "#apass"
Freenode is a public server, anyone can join
+ Add it on the cheatsheet

Need to change the css so it fits the screen