Our page is made with hotglue, a diy tool for making webpages proposed by Magda. Hotglue is based on these principles: https://github.com/k0a1a/hotglue2/wiki/Design-Codex


"This structural transparency of HOTGLUE UI permits its users to disregard any separation of Content and Design and /ultimately/ to remove Design as such from their creative practice." -hotglue.org


https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/start/edit or https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/?pages

name: ifeellikeleavingtheroom pw: apass2021

Pages (So far): https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/?Quinsy/ https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/?Kasia/ https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/?Magda/ https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/?Rui/ https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/?Adriano/

(casesensitive: /?rui ≠ /?Rui)

These URLS are just placeholders for everyone to get started, if you like to change the name, make 40 pages or only work on the startpage thats all possible.


You can use the URL of the page you want to edit and add /edit such as https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/?Kasia/edit


Go to https://ifeellikeleavingtheroom.online/?pages and log in if asked to. From here you can access all pages in editing mode (hover the cursor over a pagename).

Hotglue is relatively easy, which also makes it relatively easy to erase things, so start with your own page to get a hang of it!

Once in your page you can start editing. A single click anywhere makes some tools visible and a double click makes other tools visible. If you hover the cursor over a tool a little text box shows up telling you what the tool is. Drag and drop of some things seem possible as well.